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     - from 10.03.2012 produce production screens rack with bars of MDF.
     - from 25.02.2012 on request produce painting screens all colors of the RAL.
     - from 01.05.2011 provide the opportunity to 15% deposit for the manufacture of the screens!
     he rest of the order value must be oplochena at the order - cash on delivery.
     - from 15.04.2010 produce newsletter articles customers throughout Ukraine.



Euro screens from MDF

        An important element in the design of modern interior home or office is the design of the radiator heating (radiators).
         Radiator covers range are part of the interior, without which not only can not complete registration room, but the room itself becomes unsightly appearance. At the same time, along with blinds and curtains, modern radiator covers range – by themselves are decorative elements that give the room character of finality.
         Offered by us accessories and decorative grilles euro MDF panels are ideally suited to the interior of any room and give it a nice and finished look. The refined design screens to battery complements any interior house, interior, office, hotel, exhibition center, schools, child care centers and other facilities.
        Framing grids made ​​of MDF Profile, laminated fine wood. Filling - perforated MDF

      Decorative screens are suitable for all types of heaters.


We offer the following types of screens:

FLAT SCREEN                                     MOUNTED SCREEN

Radiator grille on the flat Mounted on the radiator grille

MOUNTED DISPLAY COVER                                                   BOX

Radiator grille with hinged lid   Radiator grille in a box

Manufacturing radiator covers range made ​​by two schemes:

1. Call a professional to conduct measurements, development and approval of preliminary design. Followed by manufacturing, delivery and installation of the screens.

2. Independently produce sizing screens and order them from us.

See description of each of the types of screens, you will realize that calling a specialist to install decorative screens batteries not required, you yourself can handle this simple work.
The most important thing - it is right to remove the dimensions that are necessary for the manufacture of the screen on the radiator. To facilitate this we have introduced the heading "How to remove the screen size itself" - see the site menu.

Desired you can get advice from our experts by phone or email.


Please note: as a "budget" version of the proposed screens and metal grating

Metal screen  Grille


and  plastic lattice.

Plastic lattice

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