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Bodybuilding a sport that hurts


Without a doubt acheter stanozolol in france, the main objective of sport in society is to contribute to the well-being of those who practice it and therefore of society.

In el salvador one of the most successful federations for me is the federation for bodybuilding and related sports

In this article I am going to refer to the sport modality of bodybuilding exclusively and to the detrimental effects on the health of the people who practice it and of society.

Because bodybuilding is harmful?

  1.  The bodybuilding physicist creates stereotypes of beauty far from the natural condition of the body, that is to say, the bodybuilders have invented an ideal of beauty that is not natural to the body and therefore damages it and the society that usually sees them as symbols of status and beauty that in no way contributes to solving the underlying problems of any society, only to lighten the pockets of transnational corporations that sell supplements  
  2.    Bodybuilders undergo extreme diets to achieve a certain physical condition which is a direct attack on the body's natural functions.
  3.   Bodybuilders use a large number of supplements to achieve the results they need.
  4.  Bodybuilders create such a quantity of muscle and muscle mass that they end up straining the heart by having to bring blood to those muscles.
  5.  The condition of hypertrophy (being muscular) the body sees as harmful and therefore it tries to reverse it, that is why if you stop consuming mega supplements, do extreme diets and exercise the body returns to its natural condition.
  6.  The bodybuilders by consuming so many supplements are forcing the organs of your body to work more mainly to the liver and very possibly end up causing damage to the athlete.
  7.    Many people because of their little money and their desire to gain muscle, end up buying and consuming steroids and veterinary medicine.
  8.  Being muscular does not improve health, it only gives an image of good health.



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