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In search of additional income, many Internet users turn their eyes towards the well-known video hosting YouTube. The success of some advanced mates, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars by using this resource, inspires a beginner. But when he creates his own channel, it often turns out that his videos get few views. So, another failed video maker can’t dream of income.

Let me be clear about this question. To succeed on YouTube is not difficult: there are several simple principles, following which leeds to popularity.

The first mistake of newcomers: they are trying to fill their channels with lengthy videos straightway. Don’t do this in any case. Your first materials should be short and useful. Even if the subject is trite, try to bring in something new and unusual to it. Otherwise, stop hoping for views.

Then, remember about such index as WATCH TIME. It helps YouTube to fix average length of video rewiew. The bigger WATCH TIME rate, the higher your channel will be ranked on YouTube. People watch compact videos with great desire. So your WATCH TIME will never drop below 50%. And this is a serious argument in your favor.
One more advice. Before filling your channel,
analyze popular users’ statistics. Finger out, how many likes they got. Pay attention on their comments and references to social networks. Choose some channels as patterns and move in the same direction. But your videos should be brighter than leaders’ ones.

Don’t give up, when you see that top bloggers have millions of subscribers. Eventually you’ll get a huge audience too. At the first stage of your promotion try to provide videos with likes, comments and reposts. This link will suggest how to increase social activity on your channel.

If each new video gains 300-400 views per day, it’ll strengthen your reputation. And trere’s no other way to break into the tops. Overcoming this daily views’ amount, you’ll outdistance competitors soon. Discover all available methods of increasing views on my link. Believe me, it’ll be hard to press rivals without start pulse. That’s why stop waiting for the mercy of Mother Nature and act.

What can you do with the help of a popular channel? Actually, anything! If you want, you can earn money on advertising, redirecting viewers to a commercial project. You can advertise your own business (a firm or a shop) or gain referrals. Everything is in your hands. Missing an opportunity to use YouTube as an advertising platform is unreasonable. I wish you every success and solid profits.



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